Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Circuit City's Credit Card

My computer died and I figured I would get a new one. Circuit City had no interest but minimum payments for 15 months, which takes the bite out of having to buy a computer. I had asked the kid who rang me up, to make sure he put in 15 months no interest and he said, "Oh yeah. I have to request that." I have had this machine for almost a month and just get statement which says I have 6 months no payments or interest. I had a slight problem at Sams Club when I bought tires and called Customer Service and they took care of it. I call up Circuit City's credit card deparment which is handled by Chase. As getting through the menus, I get an Indian customer service rep who has a heavy accent. I explain the situation and she tells me I am not eligible for this special financing deal. I had explained I had the ad that I could fax it to her. She became very arguementive and started yelling at me to go into the store where I bought it. I ended up hanging up on her.

When I went into the store to get it situated and mentioned my rude customer service rep. The lady working customer service smiled and said, "Oh yeah. They will yell at you. They are not very friend nor provide great customer service." This goes to show that if companies continue to outsource customer service to companies in India who provide reps who have a hard time understanding simple English and are rude and inconsiderate, I will start to not to business with those companies. I had dumped Sprint because you would call and the Indian customer service rep would say, "Sir, you owe $25 on your bill." Yet you would call in the next day and they would tell you, "No, that guy was incorrect. You owe $250."

I do not blame Circuit City. Given, if the guy who rang me up would have correctly rang it up I would have not had to go through all of this. I seriously think that Circuit should force Chase bank to bring back those Customer Service jobs to the US just like AT&T has started to do.

Thursday, September 21, 2006


I was coming back from lunch and I ran into a Speedy Stop off Duval and 183 before heading back to work for some chips and a drink. As I walk in, there is a sign that says "This is a NON smoking store." Ironically the manager and another employee were outside that place smoking. There have been times that I have been in that store and have smelled someone smoking in the back.

Now, if there is a sign that says, "NON smoking" and you are not supposed to smoke 50 feet from the gas pumps, why do people still do it? It makes you wonder where people's common sense is. I dont mind people that smoke. I just have a problem with it when its too close to the gas pumps and in my face as I walk into the store. I just think its hillarious that you see something that says "DONT DO THIS" and you see someone do it. Kinda made me want to go, "Here is your sign!"

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Ran into an old friend

So I the other day I run into an old friend of mine that I had met when I was working at another job. She and I had never met but she used to call me all the time. Our schedules never could mesh to where we could meet. We lost touch and I never heard from her again. Over 2 years later, I get an email from this same girl. She happens to work at my work. We start talking again and apparently her whole attitude has changed. She is not the sweet woman she once was. I suggest we meet up since we are finally in the same place at work and she tells me she is not going to talk to me or meet up with me unless I start sending flowers to her at work. (Apparently she is this type of woman that likes the attention she gets when something gets delivered and all the co-workers want to know who its from, etc.) So basically I come right out and ask her, "So you wont talk to me or meet me or get to know me unless I start sending stuff to work" Isnt that a little materialistic?" She response (and I quote), "Yeah. I am a Bitch now and if you do not give me anything then I want nothing to do with you."

Excuse me, but WTF? Here I am happy to run into an old friend and she is trying to act like a gold digger to see what kind of crap I will send her to her work. I dont mind the whole flower sending or bringing flowers to someone, but at least let me get to know you first. I had asked her on more than one occasion to allow me to get reacquianted with her again before we start the whole sending flowers to work business. She refused that. I guess it is all well and good that I found out early on that she had issues before it came out later on.