Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Michael Richards Rant

I recently saw on the news that Michael Richards during a comedy show went off some hecklers and said some racial things. Given, I will agree he did step outside the bounds and should not have gone off like that. No one should ever say racial slurs like that. What is interesting is the 3 gentlemen from the audience is now coming forward and wanting to sue Micheal Richards.

What is this world coming to? Just because a comic makes a bad judgement or goes on a rant, you are going to sue? If thats the case, I am calling my lawyer and and George Lopez and Carlos Mencia are going DOWN! Now you wonder why we need tort reform in the US Justice system. Why tie up the courts with a stupid case like that? You goto a comedy show and expect some sort of off color humor and now you want to run and sue someone because you are offended?

Friday, November 17, 2006

The Canadian Fraudsters are BACK!!!

o after playing around with Canadian fraudsters. I get and email from the fraudsters again. Apparently they want to do business with me again. This time they want to wire me money. Of course, I am too smart to fall for that one. I will probably have them try to send me something to prove they are not trying to scam me. I have tried them to get them to send cash as a token that they are serious. They never fall for that. Perhaps I should ask for something material, like a GPS? hehehe Here is the email stay tuned for more Canadian Fraudster fun.

Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2006 03:07:33 -0500 (EST)

Dear Willie Brilliant,

Long time, this is Mr. Alex Walter of REXCO GLOBAL IMPORT AND EXPORT CO UK, I believe you remember me.

My dear, how are you doing lately, hope fine?

You remembered that we had some business issue before, you have not hear from me for long because I have tried reaching all our clients to ask them to always make sure that their mode of payment will always work to make you happy.

I plead to ask you back to business with us as our pay collection representative as it was before, the good news is that things are better now, as our clients will be paying through you to us using a more simpler process and your percentage has also improved to 15% of every payment made through you to us.

The process our clients told us that they would like to use in paying through you to us is via their LINE OF CREDIT or their EQUITY LINE OF CREDIT, I believe you understand what I meant.

If you accept this proposal do get back to me in 48 hours and I will tell you what next and business continues, we for sure like to remian in business with you.

Whatever be the case my friend, do get back to me. Have a nice day.

Alex Walter

Friday, November 03, 2006

Austin's Red Light Cameras

There has been a recent story here in Austin, TX that they want to put in Red Light Cameras to take pictures of vehicles that run red lights. I heard one guy on the radio say that it was an "invasion of his privacy". The DJ on the radio replied, "If you did not run red lights, we would not need cameras."

I have seen countless people run red lights all over the city of Austin just to beat the light. I have been hit by one guy who ran the red light because he thought he "had the right of way" then proceeded to tell me that he would appreciate it if I would not call his insurance, that he would pay for my damages out of pocket. I am all for these Cameras. I get tired of seeing people run red lights just to make up for extra time and think the fine should be at least $100. The max amount is $200 that can be fined but $100 would probably keep more people from running the red light. These cameras have been in Germany for over 20+ years.

Now, if they could just put spike strips for those morons who decide at the last minute to jet over on Mopac when their lane is either ending or exiting because they are too impatient to wait in traffic. (Which causes more of a traffic headache during rush hour.) I would be a happy man. :)