Thursday, April 05, 2007

I stopped to get gas at Exxon

I stopped during lunch to get gas for my car at Exxon off Burnet and 183. That place is normally busy during the day. I normally do not go to that one. I usually hit the one over off Parmer closer to my work. I had circled around the station 3 times looking for an available pump. I was pulling out when a guy who was behind this lady in a truck who could not manuver this thing to save her life. (It goes to show if you can not drive or park a big SUV or Truck, you should not be behind the wheel of one.) She parks and I pull out. As I pull out this guy is about to cut me off and gives me a courtesy wave. I go on and move into the open pump to get some gas. Apparently he wanted the same pump. I jump out, paid with speedpass and started filling up. I look back and the same guy waves at me again. I was not sure if it was like "sorry, I did not mean to cut you off" wave or what. I finish and grab my receipt when he pulls into the pump next to me. I hear him tell me, "Thanks for the cut off." in a snooty tone. I replied calmly, "Anytime." As I hop into my car to pull out, he jumps out of his car and starts saying something to me with his hands out to his side. I replied to him with a "whats your deal" hand sign. He starts to walk towards my car and puts up his fists. I laughed and drove off shaking my head.

People listen, life is too short to whine and cry about getting cut off, or just because you got to the gas pump 2 minutes later than you wanted to. Secondly, this guy was practicing road rage. Life is too short to get all huffy about something silly about who got to the gas pump first. Sure, I could have stepped out and asked him what his deal was and why he was threating me, but why? I had the upper hand, I walked away laughing because he was being a clueless person by freaking out. I am sorry if you did not get enough sleep, or maybe you were late for work, or you were having a bad day or maybe your mother did not cuddle with you enough. It is too much to ask to take your meds on a regular basis and stop being such a hot head before you either land up in jail for being a moron or get pissed at the wrong person and you end up getting hurt or end up in the hospital?

I think to myself what if I had my kid with me? What would I be teaching him if I reacted to Mr. Moron's plea for me to get out my own car and stoop down to his level to handle the situation. I want to teach my child that violence is wrong and to be the bigger guy and walk away.

So Mr. Moron, do us all a favor and go home, cool your jets, crack open a cold one and realize, life is too short for you to be such a hot head.

To my neighbor mowing his grass

My neighbor was outside working on his yard. He just mowed and had his weed wacker out. I had to shake my head in disbelief as he was weed wacking with no shoes or socks on at all. I have seen some people to stupid stuff; but, if you are going to mow your grass and weed wack with no shoes on, you have to have a few screws loose in your head.

To guys who wear rubber clogs

Ok enough already! These rubber clogs are cute on women but guys who wear them? Thats a tad bit metro sexual you think? I have seen tons of guys wearing these silly shoes. I hate to burst your bubble guys, but they look silly on you and you look mental when you wear them. My kid's daycare lady said her son wanted some too and she told him not to wear them around here because he looked retarded wearing them. Stop the madness! NO more Rubber Clogs on Guys, Please! (Or I am going to have to start taking Man Cards away from some of you!)