Saturday, June 09, 2007

Fox Rent a Car Austin

I had planned to rent a car for my trip that I was recently taking, so I did not put that many miles on my car. I checked around and found that Fox was the cheapest. I was going to rent a full sized car for 1 week. The 1 week rate was $178.87 which included all the airport taxes. It was still cheaper than most car rental places. I get an email from some guy at a email domain. I am thinking he is either the owner or one of the managers at Fox confirming my rental. I then get an email from this guy telling me I do not have UNLIMITED miles as the website stated, I have 200 miles a day since I am not flying into Austin. I email him back asking him for clarification and he says because I am not flying into Austin, that he would only give me 200 miles and this was standard practice. I told him to please cancel my reservation and I would be renting elsewhere. I tried calling Fox directly to make sure they canceled the reservation, and the girl on the phone told me she was not able to do that, that I had to do it myself. The reps that work for Fox are totally clueless and customer service is not one of their strong suits.

If you are going to rent a car with Fox, I would avoid them at all costs. They are cheap for a reason. You basically get the quality and service you pay for. I would go with a more reputable company like Dollar, Alamo, Budget or Avis. Ironically, I did rent with Enterprise and ended up paying about the same as I would have with Fox and got UNLIMITED miles. I will report how the rental goes when I get back from my trip.