Wednesday, July 25, 2007

New iPhone

I was lucky enough to get a free 8G iPhone today. I have not really had a chance to use it much because you would think moving one address book to the new phone would be easy and painless, right? NOT!

First of all, I spent about 3 hours trying to get all of my contacts over to the new iPhone. It first synced my contacts with what was on my MacBook, which I did not want. I then went in and deleted everything. You would think after saving the contacts to the SIM card, I would be able to use them. I finally called AT&T and this guy did try his hardest to try and help me. His answer? The Apple Servers to activate are down. I explained that trying to pair bluetooth between the 2 phones are totally independent of that. I tried pairing the 2 phones together and then sending the contact file over and my old phone would not connect with the iPhone at all. I then tried taking the Outlook card file and trying to import it into Outlook 2007 and then have iPhone sync with Outlook. Outlook would only see my first contact in my list and nothing more. I had to once again delete and restart. I finally went to my address book on my MacBook, emailed myself the Outlook card file from the Memory Stick from my old Sony Ericsson and deleted all the contacts already in that address book. I then went in and and imported that file into the Mac Address book, synced and PRESTO! It worked!!!

I would love to see an easier way to manage contacts in the iPhone. You can not delete them inside iPhone, you have to update them using the Address Book and syncing. I am sure there will be a piece of software or another software update that will allow me to do all of that.

Overall, I am impressed with this thing. I heard one guy review the iPhone and he complained about it not having an expansion slot. My respond to him is, "Give me a break, it has 8 gigs of space. How much space do you need? It is a phone for crying out loud." I did see a guy who had put the new Casino Royale movie on his iPhone and it looked great. It was better than the iPod Video. I might have to load up with some movies for my flight to California and I would not have to pull the MacBook out to watch movies. This phone definitely blows my old Sony Ericsson W810i out of the water. I would get frustrated with that phone because you would try to hit back and it would bring you into Walkman mode. That was a pain. My only real complaint other than the address book syncing nightmare is that the keyboard is a little small for me to touch type. (I have fat fingers, so I find myself constantly trying to correct my typing.
) I look forward to using this device, especially having the ability to VPN into my office through it using the WiFi connection. That would be sweet being able to check stats on the fly.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Crazy Texas drivers!

For the drivers out there that do not know, I am going to educate you about 4 way stops. I know you must have missed that at Drivers Ed. I am going to make it real clear and easy for you.

In the United States and Canada, there are many 4-way intersections with a stop sign at every entrance. In this case, the default rule is:

  1. Whichever vehicle stops first has priority.
  2. If two vehicles stop at the same time, priority is given to the vehicle on the right.
  3. If three vehicles stop at the same time, priority is given to the two vehicles going in opposite directions.
  4. If four vehicles stop, drivers usually use gestures and other communication to establish right-of-way. In some areas, the custom is for the north-south or the more-trafficked road to have priority, although this is rare.

Now, there is a 4 way stop next to this large HEB called the Kyle Parkway. I was coming from the HEB because I had just gotten gas. I had stopped at the stop sign. There were 2 other cars who had gotten there before me. I waited for them to go and then I pulled out. This lady in an SUV on my left pulls out as well and almost takes my front end off. I honk my horn and she stops. I continue through the intersection to make a left turn at the next stop sign. This lady pulls up right next to me and rolls down her window in the wrong lane. (The lane for traffic going in the other direction.) She rolls down her window and starts yelling, "What the heck is your problem?" I roll my window down and ask her, "Don't you know how to yield? I got to the intersection before you, so it was my turn. Besides, the person on the right has the right of way if you think you got to the intersection at the same time." She looks at me and goes, "Oh. I am sorry." She then pulls away.

First of all, this lady had kids in her car. Why do something stupid like that? Secondly, I had my kiddo in my car. If you are pulling up to make threats to me with my kid in the car, then you are committing assault. (If you strike me it becomes a battery. Road rage is a felony offense in Texas.) I am amazed at the level of stupidity in people. It makes you wonder where people get their driver's licenses. I am starting to believe when you purchase a big SUV or big truck, you automatically get a Napoleon complex and everyone should get the hell out your way. To the stupid drivers out there: 1) If your kids are in the car, do not pull up to drivers you do not know and start screaming. 2) Life is too short to get all upset driving. You live in a small town outside of Austin, you are not fighting Austin traffic. Stop being a hot head just because you think you are in the right, when you know you are not. (Heck, Kyle only has 1 red light. I could only pray the put one at that intersection.). 3) Learn to use your turn signals. Yes, your car has them. They are not optional equiptment. 4) Learn the rules of the road. They are there for a reason. If you need a refresher, take a Defensive Driving course. They are only $20 to $30 online.

If TxDOT would start giving intelligence test as part of the driving test, we would have a lot less morons out on the road.

Drive Safe!

Monday, July 23, 2007

My Brother and his crazy family

This past weekend was my nephew's 5th birthday. My brother did not send out invitations. He proceeded to email me that we were meeting a Chuck E Cheese at 6pm followed up with a phone call. I asked why soo late and he told me that his wife did not get off till late and his mother in law and just got in from Florida. As I drove into the party, I called my mother and asked her what she was getting Travis for his birthday. She proceeds to tell me, "Call of Duty 2 for the Gamecube." I respond, "You do know thats not an age appropriate game for a 5 year old. It is a T for Teen game." My mom tells me that she things my brother is asking for it for his son because he really wants it. My brother then calls me and I tell him, "Call of Duty 2? You know 5 year olds are not supposed to be playing that." He proceeds to tell me that he lets his 5 year old play Grand Theft Auto and True Crime. He tries to justify it by saying he makes him turn the sound off so he can not hear the curse words. My son is almost 10 and I will now allow him to play either game.

I end up at Walmart and get Travis a Sponge Bob Ants in the pants game and another card game. I am sure my brother will try to figure out some way he can try to return both so he can get the money and buy another Gamecube game.

As I am getting close to Chuck E Cheese, my mom tells me that it is a "nightmare" there and they are going over to Mr. Gatti's. The funny thing about this whole thing is that he did not reserve a party room and everyone had to pay for themselves. My brother did not even order his son a cake of his choosing, stating "I will just get cupcakes. They are easier." He did get all the kids Powercards to play video games. Josh comes by back like 15 minutes later telling me he has no more credit on his card.

First of all, I am amazed that my cheapo brother has not reserved anyplace. At least when I have had Josh's parties, we always had food for everyone. Secondly, I alway purchase my son the cake he wants. If he wants cupcakes, thats fine too. I am amazed that my brother would wait until the last minute to buy cupcakes for his party. Given, at 5 year old you really do not care what kind of cake you get.

Of course, my brother's sister in law was at the party. I recently found out she is pregnant with baby number 6. She has 6 babies with 4 different fathers. The funny thing is she can not even take care of the kids she has. Her mom takes care of most of them. She did marry the father of her last son and new baby on the way. My question is when does the State come in and make this woman tie her tubes because she is becoming a welfare case? My tax dollars are paying for her and her kids. Just because she is too lazy to use protection does not mean that I and the other tax payers should have to pay for her making bad decisions. You would have thought she would have learned her lession the first 2 kids she had. What kind of example is she showing to her own kids that its ok to have a ton of kids and not take care of them?