Thursday, September 25, 2008

More confessions of a Tech Support rep

The other night I get a phone call from a guy who was telling me he was a Neuro Surgeon and had been in surgery for the last 3 days. He had just gotten home and noticed his DSL was down. "No problem. What lights do you have on the modem?", I politely asked. The light status will usually tell me what is going on with the DSL connection. The doctor then tells me he is in a black out and the only thing on is his generator. He also states that his whole neighborhood is without power. I then asked him, "Do you think perhaps because your neighborhood does not have power, that might be cause of your internet problems?" He agrees with me and tells me he just wants me to notate his account, which I do notate his account. He hangs up with me and I go on to the next call.

I later find out that he has called back two more times to get a ticket put in because he does not have service. A ticket should never be put in if you have an outage area. The ticket would be immediately rejected back. He decides after his 3rd call that I was very rude to him and decides he wants to complain to my team lead that if he does not fire me on the spot, he is going to talk to his attorney. My team lead who is very laid back comes and tells me, "I do not care about this moron. He needs to get a clue." He then proceeds to tell me he is going to document it in my file in case the attorney does call in and tells me he is going to take me off that call group. I am fine with that all because that particular call group is a nightmare to work anyway. He kinda blew off this guy as another caller calling in to whine and complain.

I find out later on that the documentation that he put in made it seemed like I dropped the ball and basically he made me out to be the bad guy. I was in total disbelief. Instead of backing me up, my team lead basically said that I should have put in a ticket and I could have handled the call better. I will agree I probably could have handled the call better and not been so short with this guy. If you are going to call in and the first words out of your mouth is a bunch of complaining, things are going to go downhill real fast. Needless to say, I was still talking calls from the call group a week later.

On Monday night, I rolled in and the first call I got was from that call group. I go to sign in and amazingly enough they had pulled my access to their portal. I was set to take the calls still but had no tool to track the calls. I had to put calls back in the que. When callers have been waiting on hold for more than 10 minutes, they are not very nice about having to go back into the que. Secondly, I would like to know how I am supposed to track these calls now that I do not have a tool to do so. I alerted the Floor Manager who basically told me he did not have "Provisioning" access. What is ironic is, I can take test to take these calls and it will automatically provision those calls to me ; but, they can not take me off that call group. I ended up signing out of my phone, emailing my Team Lead and walking out before my shift was up. The only word I got from the Floor Manager was "I will back you up." What does that mean? If I can not do my job, I am going to bail. It is not like I need this gig. The pay sucks for DSL tech support reps anyway. The only reason I took this job was to make extra money to pay off some debt and to help make some money to install new flooring in my house. They have also been promising to allow us to work from home since January of this year. I have yet to see that happen.

I have decided to start looking for a replacement part time gig that I can work 5 days a week that does not cut into my sleep schedule where I am sleeping in shifts like I do now, where I can make just enough money so I can knock out the floors and other projects that I need to put my house on the market. I have a Masters degree in Computer Science. I am not sure why I am sitting at a tech support job where they hire college kids because its cheaper for them. I have decided I am going to be a part time professor at an Online University. I figure if I can get my foot in the door at University of Phoenix, I can take Doctoral classes as well and get my Ph D.

I work tonight at 11pm. We will see how it goes. If they still have things screwed up. I am walking out again and will not come back unless they fix my provisioning or I might just not come back period.