Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Dont waste your time with Mr. Appliance

My $1300 Whirlpool washer died on me finally. I was stupid and did not buy the extended warranty for it. I cant still buy it but they want me to wait 60 days before I can have a service call. I can be with out a washer for 60 days. I came back home from a trip overseas for work and had about 8 loads of laundry I had to do. Laundry at a 24 hour landromat is no fun. Especially when you are the only one that speaks english.

Before I left I called Mr. Appliance to fix my washer. I had called another guy out from a place in San Marcos who told me that to get my washer to work was to tap the top of it like the Fonz. It worked untl the tapping on top did not work any more. The guy from Mr. Appliance came out twice. The first time to replace the door lock mechanism. He was 100% sure that is what the problem was. Of course, I told him it was not the issue and he found out he should have listened to me. He called Whirlpool and they told him it was the wiring harness. He brings out a Wiring harness and was going to charge me $300 for the whole job. I was out of town when he came out and had a friend of mine meet them at my house. The guy was supposed to come out that Tuesday and did not show up to Friday. The wiring harness did not fix the problem and he proceeds to charge my friend $69. I called the Monday I got back and told them that the guy never fixed anything and he owed me $69. I was supposed to get a call back Tuesday and never did. I was told that the tech was going to stay on hold with Whirlpool until he could find out what was going on. I called Wednesday because I had not heard back from the tech. I was told that the tech was going to call me directly and I have yet to hear back from him.

If you plan to call Mr. Appliance to fix your Appliances, DO NOT. They do not stand behind their work or service. If I do not hear back from the tech within the next 24 to 48 hours, I am going to get the Better Business Bureau involved as well as the Attorney General because of their business practices. I will know better the next time my washer dies on me. I am soo close to treking on down to the local Conn's get a new Washer and get 36 months minimum payments no interest.

Windows Vista the "Wow"

I get this wild hair and figured I would break down and be an early adopter of Windows Vista. I checked my computer online and it says Vista will run on my machine. In fact, I am supposed to get some sort of free Vista upgrade for it anytime now. I goto dinner with my parents and brother for his birthday and my dad hands me Windows Vista Home Premium. I get it home and start to install it. It gets to the product key and it hangs there. I know that the Upgrade CD has the full blown version of the software, so I followed the instructions to do a "Clean" install without destroying the file I have on my box. The trick to it is that when you install it you leave the product key blank. It will install the software and then when Windows Vista starts up, you need to put the CD in and have it do an upgrade with the product key. A few hours later, I had Vista installed.

First of all, the "wow" starts now is a lie. The only "wow" I had is realizing what a moron I was installing Windows soo early in the game. I worked Tech Support in the past and the rule of thumb for any OS is what for Service Pack 2. It is a little cleaner thant he pervious versions of Windows and has a slick interface. On the other hand, Microsoft in true Micosoft fashion has ripped off Sun Microsystems and the Apple OS X. Microsoft needs to totally scrap Windows and start from scratch. They need to stop putting band aids on their OS's. I have only had Vista for less than a week and I already have 14 updates from Microsoft for it. It is also a memory hog. I have 1 gig of RAM and will need to get 1 more gig. The minimum system requirements are 1 Gig ram and 128 meg video card? Given, most systems meet or exceed that. Luckily, my dad got this version of Vista on an Academic price at $69.95. The funny thing is you can get CDROMs of the software for $9.99 if you need them. It goes to show that you should not have to pay over $100 for an OS. I think Microsoft needs to be like Linux and allow you download the OS for free and if you need tech support for it or want a CD or DVD of it you have to pay for that. It is amazing that the latest version of Ubuntu Linux is a heck of alot better than Vista. Microsoft needs to stop stealing other people's ideas and come out with a legit OS that works out of the box and it not going to lock up or freeze, instead of wasting my time and money on this Vista crap.

Thanks but I will go back to using Linux and OS X that is on my MacBook.