Monday, February 25, 2008

Working a part time gig

I decided to get this wild hair and start working a part time job doing technical support 20 hours a week because the company told me I could work from home and had flexible hours. This place is staffed by a large amount of college kids. For many of them, it is their first job while going to college. This company I work for takes phone calls from multiple DSL service providers. After working there for about a month, I realized exactly while I got out of the tech support industry. I understand in this day and age, computers are starting to show up in more households. People buying these computers are not real computer savvy and thats to be expected. If I hear, "You have to bear with me because I not very computer literate," 3 or 4 times during a call I am going to scream. Secondly, if I ask a yes or no question and "dumb" it down for the customer, it drives me nuts when they hesitate and give you an answer other than yes or not and you have to back track to get them to where they need to be. Third, the callers that I like the most are the ones that call every evening just to talk to someone because they are lonely. One guy calls every evening and when he gets me he says, "Oh Bill! I am so glad I got you. You were so nice to me the other day I wanted to ask you a question." Of course, the guy's question is outside the scope of support of the DSL provider I am answering calls for. Fourth, DSL providers should not give customer's the latest technology if they do not know how to use it. I spoke to a lady the other night that had a wireless router/modem combo and she screwed it up because she started messing with the settings. She ends up calling us at least 3 times a week because she did something and wants to blame it on the service. I think DSL providers should give a little 5 question test. If you can not pass the test, you get a Fisher Price modem. If you pass the test, then we give you the latest and greatest hardware. Fifth, I am so amazed about how many people still use dial up and they complain , "This is SOO SLOW!!!!" The guy last night had a Windows Vista computer and dial up. I usually ask the customer, "How come you are not running DSL? It about the same price as Dial Up.

We will see how long this job lasts. I am hoping to get some of my sanity by working from home. Once I do that, I can answer calls in my underwear.

I took my youngest to the doctor

I took my youngest to the doctor for his 18 month check up. I noticed in the parking lot when I drove up there was a parking spot labeled "COMPACT". Ironically, this lady driving an SUV thought to herself that her big monster SUV was compact enough to fit in the space and decides to take 2 spots. Little did I know she was the same lady who tried to cut in front of me at the doctor's office while waiting in line. I hear the lady comment, "Man, you guys are busy for a Tuesday. There was not any parking downstairs." I chimed in, "Yeah, someone decided they would park their SUV in a compact parking spot. I guess they did not realize there was an open spot 5 slots down that was for regular vehicles." She responded, "Guess you could take 2 spots then!" I then realize it was the woman that was smart enough to take 2 compact spots to park her big boat of an SUV in space. I almost responded, "Yeah but then when the person parked next to you pulls out and side swipes the big SUV, I guess the driver will not care because she is parked in the wrong spot?" I got my kid's paperwork and went to go sit down without commenting and kinda chuckled to myself and wonder how clueless people like that even get a driver's license.