Tuesday, April 21, 2009

More confessions of a Tech Support Rep.

I am sitting here waiting for my shift to end. I get a call from a lady who is in an outage area. What is funny is there is a message on the line they call in that there is an outage. You would think they would hear that message and go, "Ah! Internet is down. I will try later." They still wait for a tech to get on the line, only to be told, "There is an outage, I am not sure when it will be back up."

Tonight, this lady asks me, "I am not sure if you ever heard of the this thing called the XBOX?" I only have 2 boys. My oldest lives for Xbox live. It makes me wonder if this lady thought I lived under a rock or something.

Another guy calls in and asks if the outage is still going on. I politely told him it was. He tells me, "I am able to get on and it has been working." I asked him if there was still a message on the phone stating there was an outage. He tells me the message was still there. I guess perhaps he thought if I said it was working, he would be good to go and be able to get online. If the message says its down still, what makes you think I am going to tell you any differently? This guy then wants to know why he can get online during the outage. I was ready to reply with something sarcastic like, "It is all that porn you are looking at sir!" I tell him, I am not sure because I have no technical information as to why he is able to get online. I explain perhaps they might be getting close to resolving the issue. He then tells me, "You are too expensive and you are going to lose customers!!" I could only hope that happens. It would make my life much easier in dealing with clueless people who are not very technically literate who want to whine and complain about their internet.

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