Friday, January 28, 2011

New Years Resolution

I turn 40 this years and I have decided that I finally going to start working out more frequently that I have been as of late. I dumped my Gold's Gym Membership after Gold's told me they were upping their membership fees and they were going to start doing a bi-weekly debt. They also said they spent 17 million on renovations. They apparently spent 17 million on renovations; but, I have yet to see any changes. My membership had been $25 and ended up at almost $40. The closest location that was open 24 hours was William Canon and Mopac. After I get home, why would want to drive back into Austin to work out?

Planet Fitness had a deal where it was no money to join and $20 a month. They are 24 hours a day Monday through Thursday. They do close early on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It is a no frills gym that has free tanning and free massage chairs. You can also get half price drinks at their gym, which are a little cheaper than connivence store prices. I joined up and started on the track to a healthier lifestyle. My first gold is to drop 30 pounds. The second goal is to run a 5k. There are your typical cast of characters that you normally find at any gym, The "Lollygagger", the guy who sits on a machine and looks like he is going to use it and waste time looking around. The "I have two more sets guy", the guy who is working at a machine and is doing sets. He might walk away for a few minutes, but do not dare grab his machine away from him. He will run over and remind you he has a few more sets and can not be bothered. You can forget trying to work in with either one of those characters. They will remind you that, "They got their first." There are big yellow signs with the rules at this gym. I have seen a few folks answer their cell phone while working out. Now who is calling that it is so important for you to answer your phone and talk to them the whole time you are working out, especially when you now that cellphones are not allowed on the gym floor. These people are the same people who will answer their phones in the bathroom and have a conversation.

I guess I can not complain too much. The gym membership is inexpensive. I just put my head phones on and do my workout. We will see how this gym thing goes. I can already feel my clothes fitting much better.

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