Thursday, July 27, 2006

Playing their game

So I have not heard from our fraudsters. I figured I would stir up the pot by telling these morons that I was arrested because of their "fake" check. Once again, the check is sitting on my coffee table and I was not arrested. I figured two can play the same game since they are playing head games with me. We will see what they say. I am sure they will leave alone now. Of course, if I get an email from their "attorney" from an email domain, then you will know its totally fake.


Forgive me for getting back to you so late. I was arrested and jailed for trying to commit fraud. The cops said the check I was trying to deposit from you was fake and now are charging me with this crime. I need to know what your company is going to do to assist me in my legal situation since I was acting as an agent on your behalf.

Your attention would be greatly appreciate.
Willie Brilliant

We'll see how this goes. Its getting funnier and funnier by the moment. :)

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Bad Breath

So I meet this girl a while back. She is very sweet and lives a little bit aways from me. She is older than me, but I figured what the heck? We talk on the phone and have quite a bit in common, so we meet. I will say that if I ever go to meet someone I at least have cologne on or have my teeth brushed and my clothes are clean. This woman's breath was SOO nasty. She could have at least brushed her teeth. It was GROSS! I did not have the gall to tell her that she needed to floss and brush. What is even more strange is that she is going to nursing school. You would think that she would have an idea about good dental hygene. That is one thing that will make a good meeting go sour in a hurry if you meet someone and they have stinky breath or they smell like they need to hop in the shower.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Mr. Moron wont give up.

OK, So Mr. Moron is going at it again. He expects me to just give him my account information and sends me this letter:

Dear Willie,

Thanks for your prompt response, I indeed appreciate.

While I was discussing this issue with our managers here, we have agreed to increase your commission by 3% if you agree to give this deal a chance. This will make your percentage on any payment made through you sum up to 13%. Please manage this offer because I can't send you cash now, but you will get the cash in good terms after this deal.

I urge you to us this a chance, because a customer was ready to payin some money by next week, at the end we will all be happy as friends.

I promise you that all your private information given to me are safe, I hope you will send your bank information today to enable them pay in next week.

Trust me everything will be just fine, thanks as I wait to receive your bank information.

Alex Walter

I explain to Mr. Moron that I am not comfortable giving out my account information and insist that he sends me my "commission" in CASH only. Of course, I know he is not going to do so. He sends me this reply:

Dear Willie,

How are you doing today, I believe fine?

Well I understand your plight and your concern, but I most let you know that I have heard those stories before now and I asure you that your personal information are sure safe with us.

I really don't know how to convince you at this point, but the truth is that our business is real and you will get to know this for sure soon. I did made some promises to you concerning this new development. I believe in trying, give it a try. Once you give us your Bank information within a week customers will be crediting your account and you then have the opportunity to deduct your commission and forward us the balance.

If you will ask me, I will honestly tell you to us this one more chance to proval our business real to you. I don't know how to play around with people's information, so I will not start with you.

I believe I have spoken in all simplicity, you have a choice to make. You know is not possible to send you cash.

Waiting to hear from you if you changed your mind, stay well and stay away from trouble.


Alex Walter

Gee.. He is trying to claim my nerves. He has spoken in all simplicity. Give me your account information and we will rob you blind Mister! hehehe

I am waiting a few days to respond to him. I am accutally considering on letting him in on my little secret that I have been blogging about him all this time, warning everyone else about his little scam. He makes no mention in his last email when I tried to call him out on the fact that his company or the other company he was representing was not even listed at all. There was no traces of his organization. Ironically, there is nothing listed on the return envelope. Wonder what he would say if I told him his check he sent me and all of his emails are being forwarded to the FBI. Maybe I will make some story up that My house was ransacked by the cops and they need to provide me an attorney because of some sort of trouble. See what he says. hehehe ;)

Friday, July 14, 2006

This guy REALLY wants my bank info







No banners. No pop-ups. No kidding.

Once again, he is asking for my bank information. NO thanks. I responded with this:


I appreciate your sincerity. After this check fiasco, I would feel much better if you could just send me cash before I give you my bank information for you to wire in the money. I think if you send me cash, it would make me feel more comfortable giving my bank information out to a total stranger. Please send my commission, cash only to my address.

I look forward to your response.

Willie Brilliant

Stay tuned for more...

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Gee, my brother is SUCH a cheapo

I get a call from my middle brother John that my nephew Travis' birthday is going to be celebrated this weekend at Mr. Gattis. No problem. We have done these kinda of family party/get togethers before. In fact, my son had his party there. My brother tells me that we are all going to go "Dutch" and he is just going to get tokens for the kids. Geesh, talk about pinching pennies.

I understand my brother does not have alot of money and he and his wife do not make much money. What drives me insane is that he expects everything to be handed to him. He decided he wanted to move to La Vernia because they liked it in the country. Instead of saving money up to put down on the land, my mother let him "borrow" $25K for his land which he was supposed to pay back and never did. He tells my mom, "Mom, I will start paying you back when I get a better job." My mom has maybe seen $100 of this money. She tried to keep it secret from me because she thought I would blow my top. I am not angry. It just pisses me off that she would let my brother borrow money like that, only never to see it again. One time I asked my mom, "Mom, can I borrow $25K to start my own Blimpee franchise?" My mom replied with, "I dont have $25K." I responded, "Sure you do. John's trailer is sitting on top of it."

On the other hand, I have worked for everything I have owned. My grandmother died years ago and my parents gave all of us $6000. My two brothers both bought cars. I slapped that money in a Money Market account and let it grow. To this day, I still have part of that money left. Dont get me wrong, I am not mad because my mom helped my brother out. I just think my mom should cut the purse strings and let me brother fend for himself.

Gosh.. this is getting GOOD!!!

I have told these fraudsters their check is no good, that my bank said they were holding it for further instigation. Of course, this is all false. Their check is sitting on my coffee table and I NEVER went to the bank. Here is the one guy's response:

Dear Willie,

Thanks for you effort so far, just to remind you quickly that I was not
the sender of the cheque. But it was sent to you by one of my customers
who intended to make payment through you to my company as I told you

I contacted him and he said was very sorry about the situation at hand,
he also said they have a little problem with that account lately. He
further ask me to tell you to discard the cheque.

However; business continues, our customer are suggesting that they
should be paying through you to us via bank wire transfer, which is easy
and more authentic. And we have agreed to this, but we don't know how you
will see this new development.

At this point we most thank you for your understanding, for customers
to pay through you via this means, you will need to help us with the
following information:

YOUR PHONE NUMBER (S), to enable them reach you with payment.

Remember that when ever they make any payment through you will be
entitled to 10% of the total sum, we did hope understand this mail in good

Thanks, as we wait to hear from you.

Alex Walter

No banners. No pop-ups. No kidding.

Who does this guy think he is kidding? Let me GIVE you my account number and routing number? Why? So you can wire money out of my account? Are you INSANE?

So then I get email from the manager guy who supposidly sent the check:

"HOLDER Co.Ltd" wrote:


I must say that i am very disappointed with your way of work.So you
mean to tell me that Mr Taylor had made out payment to you since and
you did not notify us and you took the liberty of depositing the
funds.I remember instructing you to inform us on any proceedings and
you failed to do so.Now i am not in the position of telling you that
the check is real or not because i was not aware when the payment was
drawn but what i can tell you at this moment is that our customers are
very reliable people and they would not do anything to jeopardise their
name so i dont think they would send you a fraudulent check.

i suggest you go back to your bank and have them inform you on when the
funds will be available for transfer because we need this funds
urgently and get back to me with full information.

I expect update soonest.

Aaron brooks
Chief Accountant

So I got to call his bluff and send him this response:

Excse me? I am very disppointed in your own business practices. I have
gone to my branch at least 3 times to talk about this stupid check. You
basically made me look like an ass for even inquiring about a check
which was would have bounced aocording to my branch if they had not
caught it in time. I have wasted over 3 hours of my lunch hours as well
as countless phone calls to my local branch trying to chase this check

You dont have to tell me if the check is good or not? I
strongly advise you to change your business practices if you wish to
stay in business for any lengnth of time.

By the way, I DID
follow instructions EXACTLY as ask by you and Alex. Now you can send me
another check that is GOOD this time or pay me for my time in trouble
after chasing this little fisaco down for you and your so called
"company". This time, you pay in cash.. no checks.. no wire transfers.

I am awaiting your response.

Willie Brilliant

We'll see if they accutally follow through. I am sure they wont do it, telling me I need to wire the money back to them. Would be funny if indeed they sent cash over for my "Commission". :)

Stay tuned for more details.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

More morons trying to commit fraud

So I get this email:

Good day Mr Brilliant:

How are you doing today,I write you upon receipt of the instruction you were given to collect payment from our customer.Please inform me on the situation of things on your end ASAP.

I await yur update.

Aaron Brooks
Chief Accountant,

Whats funny is its from the same email the guy who is asking me to give them my "status" emails me from.. once again, a PUBLIC email address thats free. By now, I am laughing because they think I have this check in the bank and going to send them money once my bank clears it. I never went to the bank. I am sure if I did deposit the check it would bounce big time! Then I would be screwed.

I then get an email with the subject line: "CONFIRM YOUR STATUS!" from these morons.

Hello Mr Brilliant:

How are you doing today,Please i would like you to update me as regards the customer you were to contact for payment last week.May i have you know that your utmost seriousness is needed at this juncture.So please get back to us as soon as possible with information because we are arelly in need of this money.

I await your update.

Aaron Brooks
Chief Accountant,

Gee.. funny.. thats the same email address you used with the other MORON emailed me the check with the instructions to send them check to this other company. Whats is soo crazy is that they are stupid enough to use the same email for the same person.

So I email them this response:

Thank you for your message. I went into the branch myself and spoke with a personal banker. He told me my bank is holding the check because of some sort of invesitigation. They are stating the check is no good. Are you sure the check that was send is valid and not fraudlent?

Thank you
Willie Brilliant

Here is the last email I have recceived from Mr. Moron and my response:


I have spoken to my bank. They are holding the check because they are stating this check is bad. They told me to contact you to find out what is going on with your bank?

take care
Willie Brillian

Dear Willie,

How are you doing, hope fine?

As you promised to check on your Bank yesterday to get back to me, I was actually waiting to hear from you to get update if the cash is now ready.

Please update me, I believe your Bank is ready with the money by now.

Alex Walter

No banners. No pop-ups. No kidding.
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I am sure they will disappear after I mention the word "FRAUD". This is getting even more funnier by the minute.. stay tuned for details. :)

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Wow.. It makes me wonder why some women play head games.

So I am cruising the net today and I stumble across a blog from some stupid girl I tried to meet back in May of this year. She has this "transcript" of our IM converstation. Needless to say, she has edited it and added a few things to make me look like an ass. Of course, she has two of three girls who have left derogatory comments towards me (of course). I wonder how the crazy women in the world find their way onto the internet. I was amazed that she would even edit what I said to her to make me look bad then parades it around like she has been victimized by my words.

I tell you, I am going to start a website for crazy women on the internet to warn all men. Women have one already. Why not guys? Someone suggested I call it, "Yeah, I F***ed Her" but I would rather have it something more classy. I would rather have something educational than something derogatory and stoop myself down to her level. Trust me, I can fight fire with fire if that what she wants; but, I am a believer in karma.. what goes around, comes around. She will get hers in the end.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Dang, I thought I smelled bacon.

So after my kiddo was whinning that he wanted to shoot some fireworks off, we go outside in the rain to do so. We light off a few things and low and behold Kyle's finest comes marching down the street and proceeds to tell me he is working a house fire right now and if he was on duty, he would write me at ticket for popping fireworks inside the city limits. Now, thats funny.. if you look on the map, I dont think I am in the city limits at all. I thanked him and got up all my garbage that we had popped and put it in the trash. Of course, my son was not very happy at all and of course was upset that he had to go back inside. What is also funny is all around my neighborhood, fireworks are going off. Of course, you do not see Mr. Kyle Police man marching over to those streets. Nope. I feel bad that the people who live around the corner from had to have the fire department out. I just think Mr. Kyle Police man could have been a little more professional about it rather than being a jerk about it in front of my kiddo.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Another dumb scammer.

So I get another email address for this guy who wants me to accept payments for him. Here is the email I received:

Dear Willie Brilliant,
Good Day, how you doing today, I want to thank you a lot for your time and support on this this project,I have just been informed this morning there has been a confirmation from our accounting department about some customers who are ready to make payment so please act accordingly as you receive this information.Please we want you to contact this CUSTOMER for mode of payment, so that you can inform us on how and when he is willing to release payment through you to us.

Customer Name : Mr. Paul Taylor
Tel :+1-403-708-3582

Now we would appreciate honesty and trustwothiness at this medium like we always tell all our agents because this is a huge amount being entrusted in your care.I would also appreciate if you contacted him as soon as possible and make him understand that you are Mr Aaron Brooks company assigned agent from HOLDER Co.Ltd that you were instructed to collect payment from him to our company.

Lastly, we want constant update on what goes on between the both of you from time to time so please do not fail to let me know.

Note that he is to pay you installmentally.

I hope you understand have a nice day and God bless.
I expect your reply soonest.

Aaron Brooks
Chief Accountant,


Copyright 2000-2006 Holder Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

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The guy's email address is: Now, if you want me to accept monies for your client, why not use your own email domain instead of a "public" one. I play along witht this guy and email his "customer"

Here is Mr. Taylor's response:

thanx for your contack, kindly forward me your mailling address and your physical phone number where you can be reached


I will be out of the office my secetary will contact you as well


Brilliant wrote:

Good Afternoon,
I am a Mr Aaron Brooks company assigned agent from HOLDER Co.Ltd that you were instructed to collect payment from him to our company.
take care
Willie Brilliant

And he responses again with his point of contact:


Tel: 403-708-3582

keep me posted


Brilliant wrote:

Good Afternoon,
I am a Mr Aaron Brooks company assigned agent from HOLDER Co.Ltd that you were instructed to collect payment from him to our company.
take care
Willie Brilliant
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Funny, The lady with Yahoo profile was created 06/19/2006. Once again, two more "public emails". What is interesting is that now they have another party int he loop for these "payments". Perhaps they are trying to cover their tracks. The phone number listed is a Candian phone number. Interestingly enough, I have a hard enough time fighting Candian fraud.

Here is her response.

Dear Mr. Brilliant
I have been trying to reach you on the phone without luck.
My name is Denise Thompson. I have been contacted by Aaron Brooks who has instructed me to send payments to you.
Please kindly confirm the following to enable me to expedite action accordingly.
Bill Brilliant
202 Teasley
Kyle TX 78640
512-405-3560 - this number is not in service - please provide update
NAME: --------------------------------------
HOME ADDRESS:--------------------------------
PHONE: ------------------------------------------
EMAIL: -------------------------------------------

I await your response at your very earliest convenience.
Denise Thompson

Dang! I cant put a fake number in there for her to call me. :) I guess I am glad the number is still disconnected.

Beware of phony offers like these. These morons are only after getting your money and disappearing into the night.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Online Travel

A friend of mine has gotten me into this travel business where you can search over 200 travel sites with one click. This saves you time when trying to find the best deal on travel. I just got RTA certified and now I am a Reffering Travel Agent and can get those Travel Agent only deals on hotels, car rentals, air faire, etc.

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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Scammers of the world!!!!

I get at least one of these emails every day where someone overseas is looking for people in the US to accept payments for them. All you have to do is take the check they send you and deposit it in your account and then mail the customer a check for the amount minus your 10% commission. Sounds easy enough right?

What these morons do not realize is that I work in Data fraud. I see scams like this on a daily basis. I signed up for one of thse deals and got an email from some guy in the UK using a email domain. First of all, if you have a legit business, why not use a your own company name? This guy wanted to make sure I responded to his emails in a timely manner, which I did. This guy sends me a check in the amount of $79K and wants me to deposit this check. I have way ahead of this scam. These guys take a person who thinks, "Gee, easy money just making a deposit." Once the person makes the deposit in their bank and the bank realizes the check is fake, the check bounces and then the person is out the money they sent the customer as well as any bank fees and other monies owed to the bank since the check was fake. So I have the check sitting on my coffee table and I am not stupid enough to deposit it. The guy who send me the check emails me and asks to update him. I told him I had deposited the check but the bank was holding the check because it was a foreign check and they would not tell me when they would release the funds. (Of course, the check is still sitting on my coffee table.) A few days later he asks again about what is going on. I tell him the bank is investigating his customer because of fraud and they will not give me any more information. Ironically enough after I tell him this, I never heard from him again.

First of all, the company this check was supposed to come from does not exist. There is no contact information on the check so if anything goes wrong, you are screwed. Secondly, the guy who is is trying to get me to cash the check emails me from a "Public" email account (""). This is a BIG sign this is big time fraud. Thirdly, any talk of making easy money by accepting packages and resending them to someone else is big time fraud. (Its what I deal with on a daily basis at my work.) The talk of easy money should be a sign that you should run for cover. What is even more ironic is the guy's name, and phone number he wanted me to call him on as well as his email info was all updated in my database to block any order that tries to come through my company. Thank you Mr. Fraudster for trying to be slick, you just allowed me to protect my company against fraud from your moronic self.

I think I will definately have to post a copy of the check just so people can see how crazy some of these morons are.